Have you ever been affected by someone's alcohol misuse?

Whether that's now or in the past. Are areas of your life a struggle now? If so, you're in the right place!

The "You Matter" self discovery programme" is here to help you gain answers, change your perceptions and thinking for a happier and more fulfilled life.   

Living with someone's alcohol misuse is probably one of the hardest things to cope with. Seeing someone you love destroy themselves is heart-breaking. Especially true for parents, because your natural instinct is to protect your child, when alcohol is involved, you can't control it.

Families and friends find it hard to not try and control the situation. They want to help and fix the drinker. It's hard to deal with consequences that happen as a result of a love one's drinking.

What's in the You Matter Programme?

The Programme is made up of 8 sections: 

  • Dynamics of the alcoholic family home

  • Feelings and Emotions

  • Overthinking/Overwhelm

  • Fear

  • Control

  • Anger

  • Trust

  • Letting go

What's this got to do with now?

Self-esteem_child of an alcoholic-jo hueyThe impact of someone's drinking on you can last a lifetime. Do these sound familiar?

  • Your stomach feels like it's in your mouth when you have to face the unknown
  • Trusting people is hard because you fear they'll hurt you
  • You keep your vulnerabilities inside because otherwise you think people will think you're weak
  • Anger and frustration take over when there's an injustice, you feel you aren't heard or valued

This You Matter self discovery programme will support you every step of the way. With a closed Facebook group full of people just like you, it's also full of years of experience that I've gained, including videos, audios and exercises.

What makes this programme different?

Relationships_child of an alcoholic_jo huey

For Families of Alcoholics

This is a bespoke programme written for those affected by someone's drinking whether that's now or in the past

Jo Huey_Adult Child of an alcoholic

Written by a child of an alcoholic

Jo grew up with an alcoholic father, she's been there and transformed her life!

Jo Huey


Jo shares over 20 years of self-development, saving you time and money. She gives you the shortcut you're looking for.

Online Support

Be part of a closed community group, feel that unconditional love, support and understanding from others like you.

How will you feel and what will you gain once you've completed the programme?


  • Relief and a weight lifted because you'll have answers to long awaited questions, things will make sense
  • More confident being you and saying what you want and don't want
  • Feel reassured and more comfortable with your feelings, accepting what is rather than fighting them
  • Practical tools and techniques that help you cope with life

Looking at making changes can be daunting, you may fear you won't cope and get through it. You will.  The programme is set up so you can work at your own pace. There is no right and wrong way, so that takes the pressure off.

There is no deadline and no expectations.

What there is, is empathy, understanding and support. This programme will hand hold you through the process, you'll have a chance to chat to Jo and others to support you in your journey.

We all have to start somewhere and if you want a better life, you need to know that you deserve it and it's one decision away!

Remember to add your name to the waiting list - Programme starts 4th February 2019

Jo Huey

Welcome! I'm Jo and I'm an inspirational speaker, personal change expert and adult child of an alcoholic. After my father died just before my 21st birthday, I decided I needed to make some changes in my life. I was having issues with my relationships and I had a lot of anger and didn't know why.  I didn't know how to express myself, how to feel, why I struggled to trust people and a whole ton of other things. 

My life changed when I started therapy and decided to get help. This programme will help explain some of the things that I didn't find out for years. I know the techniques and practical tools I've included will help you discover more about yourself, in the quickest and most effective way.

Please join me in the Change Your Mind closed Facebook group to find out more and chat with others just like you!

Jo Huey_adult child of an alcoholic

"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change" Jim Rohn

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