Find out how your past has affected your present.

You won't believe what I found out when I began my journey!

Here's what you'll learn in the video

Let go of the Past

Learn to face the past so you can let it go, it's not as scary as you think

Permission to live the life you want

Let go of other people's values and beliefs and gain back your personal power

Learn how to put yourself first

Let go of guilt, build up your self-esteem and learn self-care

What else will you learn, in this 4 lesson course?

How to identify where you are in you life right now - specifically looking at areas of your life you want to improve. 

Learn how living with an addict has affected your life - everyone's situation is unique,  living with an addict can be very hard on the family and often we don't recognise it because it's our normal. You'll learn what isn't healthy and the impact it can have in the present.

Having Hope - Sometimes making changes, being open and flexible for change can feel overwhelming. It doesn't need to and I will inspire and motivate you so you feel ready. I'm here to help and support you to have more awareness, recognise your choices and opportunities and feel hopeful for the future.

Taking back your power - Make sure you live the life you want, don't compromise it.  In the last lesson you'll learn a number of practical tried and techniques. Jo shares the best of all the techniques she's learnt over 20 years, so a massive time saver for you. 

After the Course...

You'll feel connected, understood and have answers to your long awaited questions. You'll be able to take back your power and make decisions about how to live your life. 

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