Jo Huey

Hi I'm Jo. A speaker, trainer and the daughter of an alcoholic.

Speaking and training at institutions all over the United Kingdom. Covering a range of topics from the impact of alcohol misuse on the drinker, to how it impacts children and the family, as well as personal growth.

Offering a unique blend of experience as a practitioner,  lived experience combined with over 23 years of self-development, Jo shares tools, tips and techniques that educate, transform thinking and raises confidence.

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Speaking Events

As a speaker, Jo shares years of learning and experience, as well as tried and tested techniques on a range of topics from being the child of an alcoholic, how it impacts the drinker and learning from her own self-development journey 

Jo often shares her traumatic story of living with an alcoholic father, who reminded her regularly that she wasn't good enough. Inspiring attendees that change is possible, Jo's passion is infectious and leaves her audience buzzing with ideas and motivation.  

Each speaking event is unique and Jo works closely with the event organiser to provide the perfect talk, suitable for the audience. Supporting the event and promoting to her audience (which sometimes includes TV!)

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"There are around 600,000 dependent drinkers in England, and around 200,000 children living with an alcohol dependent parent or carer". Public Health England 2017

Training Workshops

The training workshops Jo offers are tailored to the audience, ranging from topics on how to best help children of alcoholics, as well as staff misusing alcohol. The training will help attendees understand more about alcohol misuse and the impact it can have on all involved. As well as highlighting any perceptions and judgements attendees have that will affect the relationships of the people they're supporting.

Training focuses on having an improved understanding of the people you support, so you can have better relationships, build trust, gain honesty and have results for everyone's best interests.

This is the culmination of all Jo's first hand experience, hard work and expertise. It's not just another training workshop but real world knowledge and practical tips to change lives.

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Did you know?

Jo Huey_Adult Child of an alcoholic

  • Those suffering with alcohol misuse, as well as family and friends affected can experience low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression
  • Alcohol misuse is a family problem, everyone needs support
  • There is help available for this incredibly common problem. There are so many things you can do to help those directly and indirectly impacted. 

It's my mission to change perceptions and judgements around alcohol misuse. For those affected, both the drinker and families to have the right support and for services and employers to work collaboratively. Unfortunately, many see alcoholism as a choice. If only it were that simple. I only hope the acceptance and awareness around alcohol misuse will change, just like it has for mental health. Jo Huey