How can you best support the people you work with?

Jo's offers interactive and practical training to help support professionals in a variety of roles, from social workers to management teams in organisations.

All those supporting children and families

Do you manage staff that support families of alcoholics? Are you a professional supporting those affected? Teaching staff and social workers are in a prime position to help children. Learn more about the dynamics, characteristics and roles played and how best to help.


With 60% of employers reporting problems due to alcohol misuse, it makes sense to train management and educate staff about alcohol. Find out the scale of the problem in your organisation, decide on your policy and culture and inform your teams so they can better support staff. 
Alcohol misuse at work

"A third of employees admitted to having been to work with a hangover"

Aviva (May 2008), 'UK employees admit that regular drinking affects their jobs'.

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