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MHFA EnglandAlex Langridge, National Trainer, Mental Health First Aid England

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great plenary session this afternoon. I thought it was a really good mix of personal experience, engagement, information, and useful tips and resources. 

MHFA EnglandKayleigh Loffhagen, National Trainer, Mental Health First Aid England

Jo provided her services as a public speaker for a group of Mental Health First Aid instructors-in-training. Her session expanded their knowledge and understanding around the impact of Alcoholism. They gained further insight into the support services available to the individual with lived experience, as well as their wider circle of family and friends. Jo's session was consistently rated as 'very good' in her delegates' feedback, and they intend to book her to speak at their workplace in the future.


Bangor UniversityGwenan Prysor, Director of MA Social Work, Bangor University

Not very often is it possible for people to talk openly and publicly about experiences. However, when this is possible, it is priceless for new professionals.


Jan Parker_Southampton Solent UniversityJan Parker, Course Leader BA (Hons), Southampton Solent University

Jo was able to show an insight into the child's world that was extremely valuable for the learning and development of the students. I along with the students found Jo to be an inspirational speaker. She shared up to date information on government initiatives and resources and taught skills and techniques for anyone working with the challenges of alcoholism.

Amy and Gaye from Human Story TheatreAmy Enticknap and Gaye Poole - Human Story Theatre 

Human Story Theatre were thrilled to have Jo on their post-show Q&A panel for DRY. NACOA is an incredibly valuable service and we were delighted to be able to share Jo’s experience of alcoholism with our theatre community, in such an honest, heart felt and positive way.

Cathy Mosley - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

It was such a pleasure to have Jo Huey talk at the Live Laugh Love Ladies club lunch last week. Jo gave a heartfelt and honest account of her story, growing up in a difficult home environment with an alcoholic parent. Jo was frank and honest in her harrowing account, about the reality of her early years and how it impacted her as a child, her relationships with her family and later on in life her relationships with others. She shared with us her road to wellness and some of the techniques that she practices too. I can't wait to read her book, which I bought on the night! Thank you so much Jo!! 

Louise Bartlett - Bournemouth Borough Council

Jo Huey undertook a training workshop for my ASYE (Newly Qualified Social Workers) Training Day.  The group were captivated by Jo’s presentation and appreciated her first hand perspective as well as Jo’s ability to transform her experiences into the professional arena; what good “social work” would have looked like from her lived experience as a child.  

The session was powerful, well-structured and well delivered; covering an issue that could affect anyone across any socio-economic group.  Jo opened up the eyes of the group to the “hidden harm” of alcohol misuse and its destructive impact on relationships and healthy family life.   Thought-provoking, insightful, brutally honest and inspiring.  Jo demonstrated passion to share her journey to enable others to learn.  She has incredible resilience and I would recommend her to other training co-ordinators and programmes.  Her commitment to supporting and mentoring those affected by someone else’s drinking is commendable.


John Mc Mahon - Bottled UpInterview with John Mc Mahon - Bottled Up

John from Bottled-Up is a Doctor of Psychology and a recovered alcoholic. He shares his story with me in this interview. He explains how alcohol affected his life and his relationships. This honest and open chat gave me an opportunity to understand even more about the impact of alcohol. John explains how he felt towards his wife and the effect his drinking had on her.

To listen to the interview, click here

Live Laugh Love Ladies ClubMichelle Bartlett - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Jo was my chosen speaker at the Live Laugh Love Ladies club and someone who just spoke from the heart and captured the attention of everyone. With so many ladies in the room, she was composed enough to remain professional but spoke completely from the heart with compassion. Jo has had a tough life witnessing addiction so close to home, but her talk left us mesmerized by her real stories, recalling memories from her past, and the 3/4 hour went too quickly. I hope she goes on to inspire many other groups and find that if she can only help a handful of people, then her life path has been for a reason. She is very real, honest and likable person who has faced a life that none of us can or want to witness but I wish her well in everything she does because she deserves it and will inspire people for years to come.

Bournemouth University - Social Work Team

Jo was invited to talk to a cohort of social workers, to assist them in understanding how alcohol can affect a child's life and how social workers can achieve the best outcomes. Jo approached the task in a professional, engaging and constructive way. She had fully engaged with myself prior to the taught session, to ensure she was able to fulfil the brief and use the most out of the time available to her. I can’t speak highly enough of how Jo gave such personal insights into her own experience, with a balance of personal experience, research and constructive ways of assisting children and families in the future. The student cohort asked appropriate, but intimate questions, which Jo willingly answered. Feedback from the student cohort was that Jo was positive, aided them immensely in understanding how alcohol dependency can impact on family dynamics and was inspiration as a speaker.

Bournemouth University - Additional Learning Support (ALS) team

Jo came to speak to approximately 45 ALS staff, Jo was asked to raise awareness and enable greater signposting by the ALS staff. .Jo spoke with great passion and frankness of her our experiences of living in an environment with alcoholism. She spoke personally and frankly and her brutal honesty caught the attention of her audience. She was both professional and knowledgeable and also gave a number of suggestions for signposting students who we might encounter from a similar environment. 

She engaged with the staff very effectively with a talk then wider discussion with questions.