Speaker - Education on alcohol misuse in families

Inspirational Speaker - Awareness of alcohol misuse on familiesDoes your organisation support children or families living with someone's alcohol misuse?

Are you:

  • A social worker/health visitor that wants to better understand the environment you're walking into (from an insiders perspective)?
  • A teacher / TA who wants to identify and safeguard children that could be affected?
  • Other Professional that needs to ensure children are looked after and supported?

Living with a parents alcohol misuse is beyond tough, if you're the child of an alcoholic you have a hard time and we need to give them as much support as we can.  I'm passionate about educating professionals so  they have a better insight into what children go through and how best to help them. 


Do you work with individuals that may misuse alcohol?

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Are you:

  • A GP/medical professional
  • A Paramedic 
  • A Police Worker
  • A Manager/HR manager in a private business

Here is a sample of a talk to social workers at Southend-on-Sea University

How do I book Jo for a speaking event?

If you are interested in booking me for a speaking event please contact me with the following information:
  • Time allocated for the talk
  • Location
  • Anticipated number of attendees
  • Outcomes desired

How have Jo's talks helped others?

If you'd like to see what other organisations have said about my talks you can view them by clicking here.

Jo received some amazing testimonials at the Safer New Forest Conference, just click to listen.

What talks are available?

Those that have heard Jo's talks feel very touched by her story, which at times is brutally honest. Often professionals have limited understanding about the dynamics within the home, and how far the issues reach. If you're a child of an alcoholic you'll struggle to trust anyone outside the family, it takes time to build that relationship.
Professionals may not always be consciously aware of their judgements and perceptions as a human being. This is outside any role that is performed e.g. "Social Worker".
Jo raises this in her talks, getting her audience to be aware of any judgements and perceptions they have of alcoholics. On the whole, the audiences feel more informed and educated with better resources to go on and better help their client base. 

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