Audiences leave feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference

If you're looking for heartfelt stories that provoke and transform thinking, change behaviour and feelings, read on.

Jo speaks on the following areas:

Alcohol Misuse

Jo shares her heartbreaking story of living with an alcoholic father. Explaining how she transformed her life from trauma to triumph. With a happy ending, this talk leaves audiences feeling inspired, humble and motivated for change.

Self Development

With over 20 years of self-development experience, Jo shares which practical tools and techniques transformed her life. Explaining complex concepts in an easy way. Jo continues her journey supporting others to do the same. 


At a network event Jo was running a friend said "Jo, you've got a story to tell you should tell it". So she took her advice and that was the beginning of Jo's business journey. Jo shares the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and why it's worth it
Self Esteem_child of an alcoholic- jo huey

"You never realise how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have"

What Now?

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