Block Booking Sessions (10) with Jo Huey



One to One Session with Jo Huey

Working with someone is an intimate process, it takes a lot of trust from you and I want to make that easy. I know how daunting it can be and I’ve had to go through it myself. 

Many daughters of alcoholics struggle with the same issues, low self-esteem, relationships, difficulty to trust, feeling overly responsible, being a people pleaser, being highly sensitive and much more. I know these difficulties as I’ve been there myself.  Having a block of 10 sessions really allows us to do a lot of long-lasting work, you’ve been this way for a long time, it takes you time to want to change and be ready. 

POST LOCKDOWN OFFER: Due to the increase number of people experiences challenges due to lockdown, I’ve decided to offer 10 sessions at a reduced rate of £400 which is 20% off. That means your sessions are £40 instead of £50 per hour.

This is a time limited offer.

Let’s get started!


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