4 Secrets To Speaking Up and Getting Your Life Back


For some speaking up just doesn’t come natural, too many things get in the way to stop you. 

Often if you’re the child of an alcoholic you’ve taken on more responsibility than a child should. There is also lots of people pleasing that goes on, because you want people to like you and avoid upsetting them.  Everyone’s experience will differ, whether you’re the partner to a drinker or a parent to one.

Saying no has too many complications, repercussions and feelings of guilt, so it’s easier to say yes. 

After a while though, honestly, this is EXHAUSTING!

You might tell yourself that you’re fine with it and muddle along, you’re so used to what you do that it’s hard to think it’s possible to speak up, say no and people will still like you. You can still be a good person. 

This video course will go into more detail around how you can speak up to the drinker and others, sharing the 4 secrets Jo believes will help you to consistently speak your truth, without guilt.

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This 1 hour long video course with 5 practical and relevant exercises will help you to start delving deeper into your life. Looking at what’s caused you to say yes, rather than no. 

You’ll understand who and when it happens the most of all what stops you speaking up and saying no. You’ll look at your fears and any objections to putting boundaries in place in your life. 

When you know things like your values and beliefs and what stops you then you can discover strategies to change it.

The 4 secrets will help you to get to where you want to be, to stop compromising yourself and feeling frustrating, tired and/or angry.

Do you want to help others without compromising yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. 


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