The Mystery of Self-Esteem for Families of Alcoholics


This eBook is full of real life experience and over 20 years of self-development, therapy and self-help book information in one place. Jo shares her top 12 tips about self-esteem and how to start impacting on how you feel about yourself. 

Your parent(s) may have said negative things, or maybe teachers, caregivers or other family members. We have to remember that not everything elders told us was fact. When others are negative towards you, often it’s a reflection of themselves. Throughout the self-esteem recovery programme, Jo teaches you the importance of knowing how truly amazing you are, warts and all!. 

Jo does this in a logical and practical way, with no judgement, just encouragement. 

This is step 2 of Jo’s Self Esteem recovery plan for families of alcoholics. Step 3 is the Fabulous You online module. You can check out Step 1, 2 and 3 by clicking here.

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