Rescue Pack – Daughters of Alcoholics


This PDF rescue pack is specifically for daughters (or sons) of alcoholics who are coping with their parents drinking right now. 
As the name suggests it’s to help rescue you from such a difficult situation, there are things you can put in place to help you cope with your parents drinking, but are you ready to do that?
If you are, then this PDF is for you.You aren’t alone, many struggle to do what’s right for themselves, instead they put their parent/ the drinker first. 
Becoming the parent to your parent is not your job, you didn’t apply for it and it’s not your responsibility. I know that maybe hard to hear, but it’s true. 
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Within this PDF I’ll share in more detail about: 
  • The impact of a parent’s drinking on you
  • Typical issues you’re probably struggling with right now
  • Boundaries
  • Keeping Safe
  • Review your beliefs
  • Accepting powerlessness
  • Recognising and accepting feelings and emotions
  • A list of useful things to remember and know!
As well as the above, I include practical exercises to get you thinking, to help you get a new perspective and keep yourself safe and sane. 


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