The Power of Self Esteem – 12 Top Tips


This eBook is full of real life experience and over 23 years of self-development, therapy and self-help book information in one place.  I share my top 12 tips about self-esteem and how to start impacting on how you feel about yourself. 
Your parent(s) may have said negative things, or maybe teachers, caregivers or other family members. We have to remember that not everything elders told us was fact. When others are negative towards you, often it’s a reflection of themselves.  I want to share the importance of knowing how truly amazing you are, warts and all!. 
I’m a logical person so I do this in a clear and practical way, with no judgement, just encouragement. 
Check out the Fabulous You module once you’ve digested this ebook. It takes this to a whole new level. 
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In the ebook you’ll read about specific examples of living with a drinker, and how that can impact on how you feel about yourself. Most daughters of alcoholics will really struggle to care for themselves, to see your intrinsic strengths. 
When you live with a drinker, they tend to take centre stage. Life revolves around them, because the drink turns them into someone they aren’t. As a family member you’re there for them (at least unti it becomes too much), and you want to help them. 
All the while the focus is on the drinker and their behaviour, it isn’t on yourself. You’re the one that suffers too, it isn’t just the drinker. So it’s now time to really find out who you are and how your own situation has affected your self-esteem and how you see yourself. 


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