Practical Guide For Dealing With Past Anger

Are you someone that has bursts or anger or generally just feels angry at life, people and things? This practical guide for dealing with past anger will offer some really practical questions, together with a worksheet which has some examples to help you. Do you relate to these?
  • Certain people just push your buttons and make you mad
  • You lose it over small issues, sometimes for no good reason
  • Constant or regular feelings of being angry at the world and life
This guide and worksheet will help you to dig deep and get to the bottom of your anger. 
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What will you gain?
  • Clarity around the connections between your past and present anger
  • Understand what causes your anger
  • You’ll have a practical and tangible worksheet that you can use over and over again for any anger issues
  • A visualisation technique to turn the reduce, if not remove the anger feeling in your body


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