All You Calendar


This “All You” calendar is all about you, I created it to help you focus on yourself for a change. To recognise or continue to recognise your fabulousness. As the child of a parent that drank too much, you are probably very familiar with criticism and not receiving the love and support you deserved.
What will the calendar give you?
  • Help you build your gut instinct, increasing your self-confidence, reducing self-doubt, worry, fear and overwhelm
  • Create a jar full of positive things which will help you in times of difficulty
  • Opportunities to identify your strengths, accomplishments and what makes you feel good
  • Learn tools to help keep you calm and bring some peace
  • Identify your beliefs which are hindering your life and decide what you want instead
  • Give yourself the opportunity to understand what’s important to you at work, home and in your relationships so you can see if those things are present, and decide what to do to get them
  • Consider what rules (boundaries) you want to have in your relationships, to ensure you’re needs are met and not compromised
Each day you will have something to do which is all focused around building your sense of self worth, improving your identity and recognising your amazingness. Having something each day gives you the structure that many need, and sharing in my Daughters of Alcoholics Group gives some accountability so you can feel supported through your journey.


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