4 Ways to stop the drinker walking all over you

When you live with or are affected by a drinker it can be extremely difficult to put boundaries in place and stick to it. They can push your buttons in all sorts of ways and get really good at getting what they want.
Just like children, alcoholics need boundaries (as does anyone for that matter). It’s your responsibility to make sure people know yours and respect them. You do that by making sure you communicate with them in an assertive way and be clear and consistent about what you will and won’t accept. On the flip side you have to respect others boundaries as well.
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • They give all sorts of reasons for needing money and you give it to them
  • You pick up the empty cans, mess and them
  • Find yourself making excuses for them and their behaviour to friends
  • Listen to their criticisms about you and don’t say anything back
This 8 page guide complete with practical exercises to help you focus on your specific situation, will focus on your boundaries and how to stop the drinker walking all over you. 
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I created the 4 ways to stop the drinker walking all over you, as I know how much of an issue it can be for people living with someone’s drinking. If you don’t have a lot of self esteem and you want to avoid arguments, it’s easy to give in to avoid the conflict.
That can work in the immediate and give short term relief, but in the long term you’ll find yourself getting resentful. I’ve done it myself and I know how easy it can be to get caught up in it. 
Also you may be dealing with people pleasing issues, so you just want to make the other person happy. You don’t want to feel guilty for stopping them from doing or having something.
I share some useful resources in this guide, as well as exercises and practical information that I’ve had to put in place myself. 
Good luck.


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