The Secret Life of Nancy and her Daddy’s Drinking


Tumble Manor is the home to Nancy, her Mum and Dad and their dog Smith.
Nancy has lots of energy, she loves to sing, explore the garden and bake with her Mum. Smith usually likes to play with her too.
Living in Tumble Manor isn’t always easy for Nancy, her Dad drinks too much alcohol and it makes Nancy feel scared and confused.
Often Nancy talks to her secret friend Jack, he is really good at listening and he helps Nancy to know it isn’t her fault and explains about alcohol and why her Dad acts the way he does.
If you live with a parent that drinks too much, you aren’t alone. You’ll probably feel just like Nancy.


This book is part of a series of children’s books to help and support children affected by their parents alcohol misuse. 
Alcohol misuse is a difficult and very complex issue and we need to be a lot more open, if we want the children affected to follow our lead. It’s my mission to reduce the stigma and to help change judgements and perceptions. 
This book is meant to be read with a child and some time taken for reflection with the hope the child may open up and start to make some similiar connections to their own life. It also introduces having a more spiritual side, embracing a higher being in the form of an invisible friend. 
Two more books will follow whereby the parent is a Mum.


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