Support children of parents misusing alcohol – The Ultimate Guide


Do you work with or support children affected by their parent’s drinking? Then this 88 page ultimate guide has been created just for you.
Written by me Jo Huey, the child of an alcoholic father, so not only real life lived experience, but years of self-development, therapy, learning and training. 
It’s a guide full of information about alcohol misuse, the impact on the drinker, the children, how to best help them, together with practical exercises. It also includes research, signposting to other services and real life stories from other daughters that have been affected by their parents drinking.
What else is included?
  • PDF copy of the book
  • 2 x copies of “The secret life of Nancy’s and her Dad’s drinking”
  • 2 x copies of “The secret life of Jack and his Dad’s drinking”


What inside?
* Information and lived experience around alcohol misuse, impacts on the body, mind and behaviours so readers can be more informed and empathic to the drinker
* Understand much more about the typical characteristics of children living with a parents drinking, so you can easily identify them, know how to support and provide the best care
* Specific examples of how to best help and support children, helping you build better working relationships for better outcomes
* A whole host of practical exercises that are specifically aimed at children affected by a parents drinking that will help you really understand them better so you can offer the best care for that child
* Insights into the best ways to communicate with children so they will more easily trust you and open up about their situation
* Tips on helping the child understand when things are a problem
* Information to help the child understand the process of recovery and how that will affect them, and help them feel more comfortable with what is to come
* Identifying the challenges of the child and ensuring they feel heard, not judged and supported
* Benefit of a list of research which is regularly updated specific to this topic and audience, saving you not only time but energy
* Structured assessment form to use when working with families and children. Can also be adapted to your existing processes.
* Contact information for services in the UK supporting children and families
What sort of outcomes can you expect from using the material?
* Better able to support children and families affected by a loved one’s drinking
* Feel more confident and knowledgeable about alcohol misuse
* Be more educated around the dynamics in the home and the typical characteristics, wants, needs and feelings of children
* Have practical ways to best support children so they’ll trust you more easily, open up and want your support
* Knowledge of current research around families of alcoholism, reducing time in searching it out
* List of charities, agencies and organisations that help families and the drinkers so you can easily signpost
* More empathy and understanding of the drinkers experience
* Less judgement of those struggling with alcohol misuse
* Practical exercises to use with children to facilitate conversations, understand their experience and what they want and need


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