What I've created with you specifically in my mind are products that I know will help you to heal and find peace. The main areas I focus on are the ones that I struggled with myself, and formed a huge part of my own healing. 
I'm the daughter of a father than drank too much, as well as a sister in recovery so I get it, I get you. I know what has helped me and I know what didn't. The words I use, the examples I share are all things you'll relate to because I've been there myself. Yes my exact experience is different, but the feelings, thoughts and the way I acted will be the same as you in a lot of ways. 
You aren't alone, you really aren't. You may feel odd or weird, that your friends and family don't get you, but I do. You'll be able to tell from all the things I create to help you, because you'll be saying, "oh my god, that's me", "yeah I do that", "she's reading my mind". That connection is priceless!
I talked about the main areas I focus on, so what are they?
Firstly, your overwhelm, worry and fear (A.K.A Anxiety) - My Repair and Reconnect Course is a six week intensive course where you'll learn how to transform your overthinking, worry and fear using my P.E.A.C.E framework, a unique set of principles and tools that help you to let go of that all-consuming anxiety and overwhelm, empowering you to create more ease and flow in your life.
Secondly, your self-esteem, or lack of it. My Fabulous You course is a made up of six sections. You'll learn how to build genuine self confidence, self-esteem and a strong sense of self, finally shedding self-doubt to rediscover the person you thought you'd lost.
Thirdly, your relationships. My Having Healthy Relationships course is 10 modules, where you'll learn how to develop healthy relationships in all areas of your life, through understanding your values and building trust with others without compromising your own needs. 

Be heard - Feel connected - Be inspired

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