Here you’ll find my 3 step programme to gaining your self-esteem. Living with someone that misuses alcohol impacts on how you feel about yourself, your confidence and self-worth. Get it back now!

Step 1: Watch the video "Self-Esteem in homes of alcoholism"

Step 2: Buy the eBook "The Mystery of Self-Esteem for Families of Alcoholics"

Step 3: Buy the online module "Fabulous You"

Step 1

Do you struggle to feel good about yourself? Often dismiss achievements or put yourself down? May you don't think you're good at much. I share some interesting thoughts on how living with an alcoholic affects your self-esteem.

"Take care of how you speak to yourself, because you are listening"

Step 2

If you've already taken a look at the video in step 1, this next step goes into more detail and offers "how" you can make changes. This eBook gives you 12 of Jo's top tips to increase you're self-esteem.

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