Self Help Tools For Adult Children of Alcoholics

Welcome, here you'll find self-help tools for adult children of alcoholics. This includes useful guides, ebooks and more to support you with what I believe are key areas for adult children of alcoholics (and other family members).

Some come with practical exercises to complete too, remember to go into the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group to share or ask any questions you may have. 

Click on any of the images below to get started.

Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook Group

If you need help and support, go into the group with any questions or issues.

Dealing with past anger

What everyone should know about relationships

4 ways to stay safe when living with a drinker

4 Ways to stop the drinker walking all over you

Supporting Families of Alcoholics Brochure

4 Secrets to speaking up and getting your life back

Fabulous You

The Power of Self Esteem

Rule Abider vs Rule Breaker

Are you a rule abider or a rule breaker, or maybe a bit of both. Take the quiz to find out.