Struggle to see your strengths or doubt yourself? 

From my own personal experience, using a variety of tools and techniques I share some of my Top 12 tips for Self Esteem                         

You'll also benefit from useful videos and book recommendations to save you searching for the best ones.

The Power of Self Esteem - Top 12 Tips

You will be learning about:

  • How to change the image you get of yourself in your mind
  • Learn that not everything we're told is fact
  • Projection and reflection (how others can put their stuff on you! and vice versa)
  • Awareness of your true feelings
  • What stops you feeling good about yourself
  • The voices in your head
  • The part you play with your own self-esteem
  • As well as my Top 12 practical tips for self-esteem
The Power of Self Esteem - Top 12 Tips

This e-book will cover a range of different areas focusing on the power of self-esteem, mainly to get you thinking differently. To challenge your thoughts about your own self-esteem. Most importantly to provide you with some practical tips to help you each day.

Practising when we don't necessarily need something, prepares us well for when we need it the most. 

Sounds good? Start transforming how you think about your self-esteem now!

*This ebook is not a substitute for therapy with a qualified professional