Self Care Top Tips for daughters of alcoholics

Jo Huey Self Care Top Tips
Here are my self care top tips for daughters of alcoholics. You’ll notice that I haven’t listed things like sleep, food, look after your body here. Because I think we all know to do those things. I wanted to get you thinking about some of the most important #selfcare tips I believe will really help your #mentalhealth and improve your overall life experiences.

Jo Huey Self Care Top Tips


#Boundaries protect you in all sorts of ways, so it makes sense to know what your #values are so you can make sure the boundaries you choose are in alignment with who you are. Not what you think you should do or others have imposed on you.

Ask for help

#daughtersofalcoholics can be super independent, which is a good thing but we all need to be supported, many of you want that but are too used to doing things yourself. Relying on you vs others. Because let’s face it the people you needed to be able to rely on weren’t able to be there for you. No man is an island and showing your vulnerability, that you can’t do it all yourself (even if you can) is a good thing. It also helps others feel useful and gives them something.

Saying No

Ah, saying no. Who’d have thought it so hard to say that one little word.  Saying no isn’t hard, it’s all the attachment you add to it. All the beliefs wrapped up in that one little word. “If I say no, they may not like me. I may lose the opportunity for that promotion….” You know how it goes.

Gut Instinct

Your gut is the best guide, my sister will tell you that! She trusts her implicitly and it never fails her. Your emotions are you biggest and best guide, if something doesn’t feel right (within reason) then it probably isn’t.  Always sit and ask yourself questions.. wait for the answer because it will come.
The more you do this the stronger it will get. 

What’s fact?

This is something that affects us all, what you have heard and been told as a child by parents and other significant people isn’t always fact. FACT! Please stop living your life by the garbage someone has told you that hasn’t dealt with their own insecurities. 
Sadly, this is a huge issue and will continue until someone breaks the chain. Personally if someone has insecurities and issues and they don’t deal with them, it’s bound to affect any children then have. Then it often carries on into them and so on. 
If you break the chain and face your fears, deal with your insecurities it is unlikely to be passed onto any children you have. 


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Next Steps

If you’d like to chat then do get in touch, I’m happy to gift you some time. Simply email or call (07732) 403305. 
Remember you aren’t alone and you can always join my Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group, where other daughters of alcoholics support each other with challenges they experience from the past or present.  You may have lived with an alcoholic in your past, but it’s still impacting you in the present. 
I also run the Two Roads Travelled podcast with my sister, click here to find out more. 


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