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The information you read after the quiz will give you an overview of your profile. Now I want to support you in any of the areas you struggle with. Sometimes, we want to make some tweaks and changes and other times we're happy with how things are (or at least that's what we say). I'm here, to offer those of you searching for answers, some reassurance, comfort and support.

Paula LoaderHi, I'm Paula, Jo's sister. I'm the daughter of an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic and a rule breaker! I'm now a recovery worker in addiction services. You could say I'm an all rounder, with experience and views from a variety of angles. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think this is where I would be in my 40's, but I love it, I feel this was my calling!! I have experienced fear, anger, grief, abuse in all my experiences, but found away out and to stand strong, like myself and be able to help others. I love the empowerment my journey has given me and the passion to help. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Support Just For You!

Asking For Help Is No Weakness

Asking For Help....Oooh not an easy one, you've got this. You can manage, you're capable, you don't want to look stupid or even show any weakness, sound familiar?

Alongside the fact you're in inner turmoil, your stomach is turning, your head is going ten to the dozen on how to sort the issue, but something is holding you back? Stop, breath and press "read more" to change this common self torture into permission to know it's OK to get help.

Asking for help is no weakeness

Permission to feel

We forget to feel so very easily, worrying for others becomes second nature, we are not really concerned with ourselves.

You do matter very much, you have a voice, opinion, likes and dislikes, why doesn’t this matter?

The overwhelming concern of others just may be deflecting from your own wants and needs. Do you feel you have no worth; you don’t matter?

When was the last time you expressed an opinion or heard your own voice? It’s in there somewhere. Take my hand, I give you permission, let’s go and discover how you're feeling.

Finding your Self Control

All or nothing, that’s the approach no half measures, bull in a china shop, hundred miles an hour, last minute .com.

Extreme rage, quick off the mark, brain engaging after the “incident”, defending before facts are known, jumping to conclusions… anything sounding familiar?

STOP. Breathe look around. Do things need a little adjusting, calming down?

There is a solution I promise.

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I've created the lounge for you to enjoy, to wrap yourself up in goodness, emerse yourself in positivity, because we all need some of that.

Your Welcome!

Affirmation Baths

Affirmation bath
What's an affirmation bath? It's a beautiful audio full of positive statements, you just sit back and allow the words to wash over you and seep into your sub-concious. And breathe!

Inspirational Quotes

I want to share with you some of the inspirational quotes that make a difference to me, not just saying things for the sake of it, but actually start to make you think. Enjoy!


I'm sharing a range of videos that I believe will help your particular personality, ones I've done myself and others I've found which I think you'll find helpful. Anything you want to see, just email me.


Everybody loves a little bit of indulgence and this is specifically for you. I'm a rule abider and I know the things I like to indulge in, so I'll share some with you. It's a mix bag!

"You can't correct what you aren't willing to confront"

What Now?

Come and join in a conversation with other daughters of alcoholics, it's a safe space.