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The information you read after the quiz will give you an overview of your profile. Now I want to support you in any of the areas you struggle with. Sometimes, we want to make some tweaks and changes and other times we're happy with how things are (or at least that's what we say). I'm here, to offer those of you searching for answers, some reassurance, comfort and support.

Jo Huey Child of an alcoholicI'm Jo and I'm the daughter of an alcoholic. and it's my passion to help others like me. For a long time I felt alone, disconnected and had no idea that I didn't really know myself, or what I wanted. Fast forward 20 years and I've let go of so much that was holding me back, found peace and finally know more about me. That's what I want for others, to know there's hope and you too can find it and I'm here to help you get there.  Jo x

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Letting Go

Sometimes the very thought of losing control and letting go is scary. But let it settle and listen to what I have to share, then you will have an opportunity to decide if staying where you are, or coming with me is the better option.

Letting go is a process and not one you can do overnight, so set your level of expectation. It really depends on how open and willing you are to forgive, find compassion and decide what's worth holding onto and what isn't.

Check out this handy module to getting you on your journey to letting go. Use the exercises link below once you've watched the video.


It's not always easy to know how this looks in your life, the words are batted around alot but what does it mean to you? How do you act it out in your life and what makes you want to carry on not loving who you are as a person, with all your flaws. 

I've put together a guide with my Top 10 tips to help you understand a bit more about self-esteem.


Anxiety comes in all sorts of ways and in all sorts of situations. You can be anxious about meeting new people, but have no problems getting up and singing on a stage or doing a presentation. 

We fear the future, the uncertainty and do what we can to control it. At least it gives us that perception that we're in control!

Click the button below to take a look at the module I've put together with you in mind. Use the exercises link below once you've watched the video.

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I've created the lounge for you to enjoy, to wrap yourself up in goodness, emerse yourself in positivity, because we all need some of that.

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Affirmation Baths

Affirmation bath
What's an affirmation bath? It's a beautiful audio full of positive statements, you just sit back and allow the words to wash over you and seep into your sub-concious. And breathe!

Inspirational Quotes

I want to share with you some of the inspirational quotes that make a difference to me, not just saying things for the sake of it, but actually start to make you think. Enjoy!


I'm sharing a range of videos that I believe will help your particular personality, ones I've done myself and others I've found which I think you'll find helpful. Anything you want to see, just email me.


If you want to indulge in some more self-care and start to take control of your life and how you live it, then I've put together a range of different products for you. Have a look and see what fits for you right now. 

"Anything you can't control is

teaching you how to let go"

What Now?

Come and join in a conversation with other daughters of alcoholics, it's a safe space.