Resources for Families of Alcoholics - Jo hueyWelcome to your FREE Resources for Families of Alcoholics

These resources for families of alcoholics are to help you feel connected, understood and teach you practical tools and techniques. Take what you like and leave the rest, try them at different times because they'll all help you when you're ready.

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Opening Ourselves To Love

I'd like to share from "The Language of Letting Go" book.  It talks of the love we're so desperate to receive yet feel too scared to welcome. 

Allowing ourselves to receive love is one of the greatest challenges we face in recovery. Many of us have clocked ourselves from receiving love. We may have lived with people who used love to control us. They would be there for us, but at the high price of our freedom.  Love was given, or withheld, to control us and have power over us. It was not safe for us to receive love from these people. We may have gotten accustomed to not receiving love, not acknowledging out need for love, because we lived with people who had no real love to give. 

At some point in recovery, we acknowledge that we, too, want and need to be loved. We may feel awkward with this need. Where do we go with it? What do we do?Who can give us love? How can we determine who is safe and who isn't? How can we let others care for us without feeling trapped, abused, frightened, and unable to care for ourselves?

We will learn. The starting point is surrender - to our desire to be loved, our need to be nurtured and loved. We will grow confident in our ability to take care of ourselves with people. We will feel safe enough to let people care for us, we will grow to trust our ability to choose people who are safe and who can give us love. 

We may need to get angry first - angry that our need have not been met. Later, we can become grateful to those people who have shown us what we don't want, the ones who have assisted us in the process of believing we deserve love, and the ones who come into our life to love us. 

Surrender to the love that is there for us, to the love that people, the universe and our high power send out way. Surrender to love, without allowing people to control us or keep us from caring for ourselves. Start by surrendering to love for yourself. 


Self Esteem Affirmation Bath

Below is something called an "Affirmation Bath", it is an audio file that you can listen to (not when you're driving or operating machinery though!) which will fill your sub-conscious with positive statements. 

Manifest the life you want

This video talks about the law of attraction concept and how you can manifest what you want in your life. I share some great tips to help you on your way.


The Havening Technique

This video demonstrates a fantastic healing technique, it can help to alter your thoughts, mood and behaviour. It's easy to use and I highly recommend it. 


It's OK to feel how you do

Often you may have been told that how you felt was wrong, or told "don't be silly" or "don't feel like that". It can be dismissing, this video is to reassure you, that it's OK to feel how you do. 


Anxiety - How does it feel?

This is such a talked about topic these days, I was in my thirties before I realised I experienced anxiety. You can manage it and learn to let go. I talk about how it feels and what you can do to help yourself. 


Are you giving away your power?

You may not identify with the word "power", what I mean is "are you allowing others to dominate you", "Do you feel others dictate your life?". This video talks about how you can take back your power. Sound good?


Life with a drinker

Help for those living with, coping and surviving