Here you’ll find my 3 step programme to rebuilding your ability to have healthy relationships. Living with someone that misuses alcohol is complex and affects relationships. This impacts on your life from a child through to adult life. 

Step 1: Watch the video "Better Relationships for Adult Children of Alcoholics"

Step 2: Buy the eBook "What Everyone Should Know About Relationships"

Step 3: Buy the online module "Bring Some Mindset Magic To Your Relationships"

Step 1

Do you often feel you just can't get it right in relationships? Struggle to open up and let people in? I share some interesting insights into being the child of an alcoholic in relationships as an adult. Often we have codependent relationships. The recovery programme as a whole looks to change that, and your thinking in a positive way.

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"A healthy relationship doesn't drag you down, it inspires you to be better"

Step 2

This eBook provides you with a greater understanding of basic relationship qualities, for a healthy non codependent relationship. From being a child of an alcoholic relationships were a challenge. I share my experience and knowledge of boundaries, values and more so you feel full of confidence in how you're treated in your relationships.

Get answers to your questions, find out why you feel how you do and put the changes into action. Get the eBook now.

Step 3

This module is packed with common issues faced by families of alcoholics. Being a child of an alcoholics in relationships is challenging. Jo shares over 20 years of self-development experience to save you time and money. You'll understand about people pleasing, trust, fear, anger and more. You'll let go of codependent relationships and develop healthier and happier ones for life.

Learn how to have the relationships you want, and feel good doing it. Begin my online module.

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