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If you've been looking for specific help for families of alcoholics, you're in the right place. This programme is the very start of making the amazing changes you've been waiting for. Simply start on the topic most relevant to you now.

Relationships - Step 1

Do you often feel you just can't get it right in relationships? Struggle to know what to do, how to be? I share some interesting insights into relationships and why they don't work and what to do to change that.

Self Esteem - Step 1

Living in a home of alcoholism is complex. It has a profound impact on how you feel about yourself.  Jo explains the connection between self-esteem and homes of alcoholism.

"Addiction is a family disease, one person may use, but everyone in the family suffers"

Continue your journey with Jo's eBooks

Jo's written these eBook using her 20+ years of self-development, combined with lived experience. Covering the fundamentals of what's important in each area and how to start getting it!

Relationships - Step 2

This eBook helps you understand the basics of relationships, you may not have learnt about values, boundaries and dealing with conflict in a healthy way. With tools for more satisfying relationships.

Self Esteem - Step 2

In this eBook you'll learn top 12 tips as well as what causes your self-esteem to be low. Jo shares experience and learning so you can short-cut to what works.

"No one is ever too broken, too scared or too far gone to create change. Never stop fighting, Never lose faith"

Deepen your journey by investing in your development and get support through the online community.

As you continue your recovery, these modules cover each area in more depth. Jo's invested a lot of time and effort to get this just right, so it makes total sense to you as a family member of an alcoholic. I'm sure they'll be some light bulb moments too!

Relationships - Step 3

An online module to help you have better relationships with yourself and others. I'll share over 20 years of experience, learning and tools with you.

Self Esteem - Step 3

How you feel about yourself if the most important thing for self-esteem. This module transforms your thinking around negative messages you've heard.

Monthly News & Update

Jo shares updates about how her work is impacting the wider community, tips and resources to help you in your journey.

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