One to one sessions

What type of person do I work with?

Honestly, people like me I suppose. Women that have been affected by their parents drinking, addiction or mental health problem now or in the past.  I get it so I totally understand what you are going through. Whilst I lived with an alcoholic the environments are very similar to drug and mental health. 

How do my clients usually feel before they get my help?

You may feel disconnected, different, like no one really gets you. Sometimes you may feel sorry for yourself and feel like a victim. You are exceptionally good in a crisis but the more manageable day to day changes throw you. Relationships can be challenging and you are probably good at having a “brick wall” around you for protection and find it hard to trust people. Saying how you feel doesn’t come easy, you may well feel loneliness, overwhelmed, overly responsible and find it hard to relax.

How do I work?

For one to one sessions I always put you first and spend a lot of time listening and understanding where you are in your journey. I then Emotional Freedom Technique with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques  to release negative blocks in the body.

They are simple, yet powerful techniques and I combine them with over 15 years of self-development tools and techniques that best suit you. Having lived with an alcoholic I totally get where you are coming from so I can empathise which often makes the people I work with feel connected and supported.

How will you feel after you work with me?

You will feel totally understood. You’ll feel inspired to know you can change and better cope. You will have hope and a whole host of resources at your fingertips if you want them. Change is possible if you want it enough, I know it can be scary but I’m here with you.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Having someone to open up to that has experienced a very similar situation to yours (everyone’s experience of living with an alcoholic, addiction or mental health problem has variations)
  • Clarity of how you want to move forward and want you want
  • Tools, techniques and ideas to understand and change what you want to
  • Improved confidence, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Acceptance of yourself and contentment

What’s the investment for you?

The initial one to one consultation is £60 for 90 minutes, then £50 per hour after that. Usually 4 sessions is enough but this does depend on the person and the issue.

What can you do now?

Contact me for an initial 90 minute consultation either face to face (If local to Bournemouth, Dorset, UK) or via Skype (@butterflyjo2). Call to book (07732) 403305.

If you’d like me to speak at an event please email me with details about your audience, what you want to achieve and timescales. Please visit my testimonials page to see what others said about my speaking engagements.

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