Face to Face /Online One to One Sessions

Jo Huey - Child of an Alcoholic

Have you ever lived with someone's alcohol misuse? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Struggling with relationships, anxiety,  low self-esteem and guilt?

As a child of an alcoholic and someone that's been there, I get it.

You aren’t alone.  When we work together you’ll discover that all the things you thought were missing, couldn’t do or have in your life were there all along. You just didn’t know how to get to them.

 I'm an personal change expert. I help people that have experienced living with someone else’s alcoholism.

A problem shared is a problem halved

When you call me, there's no judgement, only total understanding, empathy and compassion.

How you may feel before seeking my help

  • Disconnected, different, like no one really gets you
  • Confused, with lots of questions and few answers
  • Relationships are challenging and you’re probably good at having a "brick wall" around you for protection and find it hard to trust people
  • Lonely
  • Overwhelmed
  • Overly responsible and find it hard to relax
  • Struggle with your own identity

What does a One to One session look like?


At the start of our first session I’d like to get to know you a little bit better by asking a few general questions. Once we’ve looked into what’s brought you here, we'll get stuck into helping you make positive changes.


During our session, I'll help you recognise the patterns or issues that are persistent in your life; we'll start changing your perception, limiting thoughts, doubts and accepting what is!


With my guidance, you will learn how to master the Emotional Freedom Technique. At the end of the session, I'll also provide a detailed handout with useful tips so you can continue practising it at home.


At the end of our session, you’ll feel understood, connected and feel that someone finally "gets you". Outside of the session(s), there will be a wealth of free resources available to you to compliment the work we do together.

Feeling LiberatedAfter the session how will you feel?

  • Empowered and brave to keep moving forward
  • Totally understood
  • Relieved and unburdened with it all
  • Hopeful and liberated for the future
  • Eager to make use of the resources at your fingertips
  • A thirst for answers and to know more

Benefits to your life

  • Clarity of how you want to move forward, with the motivation to get itHappy Place - Jo Huey
  • Feeling connected and understood
  • Improved confidence, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Powerful self-help techniques in your hour of need
  • Greater fulfillment in the relationship with yourself and others
  • Acceptance of yourself and contentment

A problem shared is a problem halved

When you call me, there's no judgement, only total understanding, empathy and compassion.

The Investment

The initial one to one consultation is £60 for 90 minutes, then £40 per hour after that. Usually 4 sessions are enough but this does depend on the person and what you want to achieve. Are you ready to regain your life and find some peace?

Next Steps

Initially you might like to send me a message with any questions you have. I know it takes a lot of courage, you may even feel nervous but once we talk you'll feel totally reassured and understood. There is no judgement, remember I've been there too.  Simply click here to email me, I aim to get back to you within 3 hours, but please allow up to 24 hours. 

Alternatively, you can contact me by phone on (07732) 403305.

Jo Huey - Supporting Adult Children of Alcoholics