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These videos are to help you feel connected, understood and teach you practical tools and techniques. Take what you like and leave the rest, try them at different times because they'll all help you when you're ready.

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Jo Huey



Manifesto for Children of Alcoholics

This is the first EVER manifesto for children of alcoholics. Created by children of alcoholics, together with an All Parliamentary Party Group (APPG) and NACOA. This is a great step towards change for those affected by someone else's addiction.  Read more



Manifest the life you want

This video talks about the law of attraction concept and how you can manifest what you want in your life. I share some great tips to help you on your way.



The Havening Technique

This video demonstrates a fantastic healing technique, it can help to alter your thoughts, mood and behaviour. It's easy to use and I highly recommend it. 


It's OK to feel how you do

Often you may have been told that how you felt was wrong, or told "don't be silly" or "don't feel like that". It can be dismissing, this video is to reassure you, that it's OK to feel how you do. 


Anxiety - How does it feel?

This is such a talked about topic these days, I was in my thirties before I realised I experienced anxiety. You can manage it and learn to let go. I talk about how it feels and what you can do to help yourself. 



Are you giving away your power?

You may not identify with the word "power", what I mean is "are you allowing others to dominate you", "Do you feel others dictate your life?". This video talks about how you can take back your power. Sound good?