Jo Huey - Personal Change Expert & Author

Hi! I’m Jo Huey - Personal Change Expert & Author, as well as a child of an alcoholic. I’m passionate about helping those affected by someone's alcohol misuse, now or in the past.  Most people I speak to have no idea about how much their past is impacting on their present.  I’m fighting for women to believe they can have a better life and overcome challenges, past and present by finding the courage to take action. This can be challenging in a world where the perception of change is that it’s hard and unobtainable, but I know that we can achieve this together.

  • Are you a people pleaser? Always putting others first?
  • Do you struggle to feel good about yourself and all that you are?

How do I know so much about this? Well… I’ve been there too. After 20 years of self-development, I know how positively it can impact on how you feel, think and act. I now focus on raising awareness about the impact of someone’s alcoholism on families, as well as supporting those with their self-development and achieving a more fulfilling life.  You might like to check out my blog which shares a lot of stories and self-help tips. 

The Alcoholic in my life

My father was an alcoholic until his death in 1996, that meant I was a child of an alcoholic! I remember the day very well. It was two months before my 21st birthday. I was working locally and I remember two policeman turning up to the office. My stomach sank, deep down I knew it had to be to do with dad, he'd passed away.

His death was a double-edged sword, I loved my father as he was the only one I had. I hated him at the same time and his death quite honestly was a relief. That said, I miss him hugely. My Dad's death was the very beginning of my self-development journey, I went to therapy, read self-help books and the connection I sought for so long came in the way of an Al-Anon group. It was the best thing I did at that time and my self-development journey continues to this very day and always will.

My journey, in a nutshell

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Jo shares updates about how her work is impacting the wider community, tips and resources to help you in your journey.