Jo Huey - Personal Change Expert & Author

Hi! I’m Jo Huey - An inspirational Speaker, Personal Change Expert & Author, as well as a child of an alcoholic. I’m passionate about changing perceptions and judgements of alcohol misuse, as well as supporting those affected. 

Most people I speak to have no idea about how much their past is impacting on their present.  Drinkers and the families share a lot of characteristics, both struggling with low self esteem, confidence and feeling unloved. Often having experienced a lot of trauma in their past, families and drinkers deal with things in different ways. 

  • Are you a people pleaser? Always putting others first?
  • Do you struggle to feel good about yourself and all that you are?
  • Is it easier to put your feelings in a box than deal with them?

How do I know so much about this? Well… I’ve been there too.   

I share real life stories and practical self help tips

If you've lived with a drinker, then you'll feel right at home

My journey, in a nutshell

My Dad was the alcoholic in my life, he passed away two months before my 21st birthday. It was a double edged sword, I felt relief and pain. He was the only Dad I had and I miss him to this day, he's missed so much of my life. Families of alcoholics often have hope, hope they'll change and realise the destruction they're causing, but often then don't. 

It's extremely hard for families because they're the ones dealing with the fall out and the consequences of the drinkers actions. Also interesting to remember is that even when the drinker has sobriety, that doesn't mean things are all better. Co-dependant behaviours and characteristics still play out into your adult life! Seeking one to one support in my expert opinion is the best way to get recovery.  

Monthly News & Updates

Jo shares updates about how her work is impacting the wider community, tips and resources to help you in your journey.