How Can Music Affect Our Confidence and Self-Esteem?

It may not come as a surprise that music is good for the soul. It’s great for self-expression and if we invest in music in terms of performance, whether that’s using our voice or another instrument it can affect our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Not to mention the excitement that the
anticipation of a class or session can bring.

Jennifer Koch, the executive director at Community Music School talks about music in schools and the effect it has on children. She says it not only teaches a skill but allows self-expression, create new friendships and more.

More to learning than what’s on the surface

What I’ve learnt is that whatever we do in life, the primary source of learning e.g. Music is not the only thing we learn. There is usually so much more involved, as described in Sarah Crawford’s article we can learn discipline, hard work and dedication. Often people don’t always reflect on what else
they may have learnt, they simply concentrate on the primary focus. I’m going to learn how to play the piano, and once they start getting the hang of it they focus on all the techniques they’ve learnt how they can now play this or that arrangement.

All the while the fact they’ve started to feel a bit better about themselves, feel more confident with how much they’ve achieved so far falls by the weigh side. Some people can minimise their achievements which is very often the case with those affected by someone’s addiction. Sometimes
it’s good to keep a journal of where we are when we start something and track it as we go. If it’s music we can certainly record ourselves and play it back later.

Learning increases our confidence

I started singing some years ago and thankfully I did get some videos from when I started doing solo’s and it’s great to reflect back on them. I can see how much more confident I’ve become; how much easier I find it to pick up new songs. How much more understanding I have of arrangements,
harmonies and timing. This was a total transformation from the very anxious, nervous and inexperienced singer I was at the beginning.

We can use music to express how we feel, especially if normally we find that hard to do in a conversation with someone. Releasing anger using the beat of a drum is extremely therapeutic. I’ve recently started going to a drumming group with some friends, we just use some African style drums
and mix it with some meditation. It really can release anger and frustration from a bad day, maybe sadness that you feel or maybe you’ll experience joy and happiness.

Whatever you choose to do with music, the power it holds is unbelievable and very transformational. We shouldn’t underestimate the impact it has on our wellbeing. If you need to let go and feel better then a good bash in the music studio, a class or with friends could just be what the doctor ordered.
I’d love to hear from you if you use music to help with your emotions, or maybe you’ve realised how much it’s developed you as a person. Just drop me an email at

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