Starting Your Journey To Recovery


Frank Skinner recently spoke on Good Morning Britain about going Tee Total and what a gift that is to his children.

Frank says “…you can have a parent who gives you a horrible life because they drink a lot.”.

This is so true and I think it’s idealistic for a parent to not drink, he has to do it as a recovered alcoholic. I think that if a parent drinks socially or enjoys the occasional drink then that is fine. The problem that comes is when this starts to get out of hand and impact on their life and those around them.

Taking The First Step To Freedom

It’s very brave that he admitted he was an alcoholic and it totally makes sense that he couldn’t see it at the time. That’s the problem, a lot of parents may not realise how much they’re drinking and then all the while the children and family members are the ones suffering. Things can’t change for them until the addict recognise their issues. Even then, things won’t change until the children and family get the support they need.

Help Is Just A Click Away

For families there are support groups like Al-Anon, you can also speak to The Samaritans and of course there is the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA). NACOA offer a helpline that you can call anonymously, they support both children and adults. No matter what your age if you’ve lived with someone’s addiction there is support for you. You aren’t alone and there are others that have experienced similar feelings and can understand your story. The help you need is just a click away.

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