Are you looking to deepen your understanding of yourself?

Do you want to be able to increase your self-esteem and confidence even more?

Have you done my Fabulous You course and are looking for the next step?

If yes, then you're in the right place.

With over 24 years of self-development experience, I've created this bespoke “Fabulous You Too” course specifically for you!

In this course, I’ve combined the tools, techniques and discoveries that have taken me 2 decades to master.

If you're a child of an alcoholic, this course has been specifically written for you. Many of you won't have had a role model that's help you feel good about who you are, so I'm here to do that for you, as well as teach you how to do it for yourself and really see yourself in a new way.
Together we will take actionable steps to make some tangible changes in your life and continue your journey towards a more authentic you (not the one you think others want to see, or the compromised you).
By signing up to this course, you will also have access to a closed Facebook community “Daughters of Alcoholics”. I will be there to share exclusive content and to answer any of your questions about the course.
Sounds good? Then let’s not waste any more time – let's start getting you even closer to who you really are and loving her!
*This course is not a substitute for therapy with a qualified professional

You will be learning about:

    • Being competent builds confidence
    • Why you're worth it – believe it!
    • More about your inner child
    • The Impact of what others say, why it doesn’t matter
    • Accepting compliments and being grateful
    • Doing things, you love with people you love
    • The mind, body and spirit
    • Self-Care

If you'd like to be notified when the course is ready, just complete your details below and I'll let you know!

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