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iCAAD London 2019_jo hueyiCAAD London Event

I'm very excited to be attending the iCAAD event on 6-8th May 2019.  Not only will I be listening to the amazing insights of Dr Claudia Black but Tian Dayton will also be there. I read Claudia's "It will never happen to me" book and have recently purchased Tian's Relational Trauma Repair book and very excited to read it. This event is sure to be a worthwhile investment of 3 days, thanks to NACOA I'll be able to learn even more about families of alcoholics. 

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Sky News logoSky News Live - Interview about calls to NACOA

Sky News interviewed me on Sunday 10th February about the 20,000 calls that NACOA receive from children of alcoholics. I shared my thoughts on what else needs to be done and the impact someone's drinking has on the family. 

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Recovery Today 50th Issue - Jo HueyRecovery Today - Alcoholism doesn't just affect the drinker

Recovery today is a comprehensive online magazine that offers support for recovery. It's full of interesting articles, tips and shares from those that have experienced alcohol misuse first hand.

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The News_How Portsmouth council intends to support families tackling alcohol addiction in the cityThe News - Article about living with a parents alcoholism

It was an honour to write for The News in Portsmouth, who have received £500,000 to support families affected by a loved ones alcohol misuse.  A great step forward!

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The Sun - living with someone's alcohol misuse at ChristmasThe Sun - Article about living with a parents alcoholism

Jo was invited to share her story of what it's like to live with her fathers alcoholism around the Christmas period. Among others, Jo shares her experiences which raises awareness that this time of year isn't a celebration for all. 

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BBC Radio Sheffield Interview_Jo Huey_child of an alcoholicBBC Radio Sheffield - Interview about Children of Alcoholics

Steve Bailey from BBC Radio Sheffield interviews Jo about her experience living as a child of an alcoholic and her work for NACOA. This links in with a programme scheduled for 27th August at 9pm on BBC 2 called Drinkers Like Me. 

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Alcohol Concern LogoAlcohol Concern Blue Light Project

Alcohol Concern have created their Blue Light Project for "Working with Change Resistant Drinkers". It's helpful for organisations and individuals working with dependant and heavy drinkers that are resistant to stopping their drinking. Full of useful suggestions, tools and techniques to help workers understand the drinkers resistant and what they can do to change that. 

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Berno VierbergenYour Zen Life - 8 Tips to get our your own way - June 2018

This month I appear in Your Zen Life, sharing my tips on getting out of your own way. Sometimes we stop ourselves from achieving, having and being what we want in our life. These tips are easy and practical,  give them a try. Read more by clicking here.

Mudeford Mag May 2018Shining a Light on Homes of Addiction - May 2018

I was honoured to write for a local magazine in Dorset, In this article I talk about living with someone's addiction. Highlighting some of the key areas that those affected will experience. You may recognise some of the typical issues, whether you've experienced someone's drug, alcohol, gambling or other addiction.You can click here to read the full article

Good Morning Britain PresentersFunding of 6 Million to children of alcoholics

Such amazing news for all children of alcoholics,. Government announced on 23rd April 2018 that they'll be joint funding 6 million pounds to support children of alcoholics. This has come after years of children being without support. NACOA work tirelessly to help those affected and have been instrumental in getting this awareness to this point. 

I shared some of my experience with Good Morning Britain, you can watch it here. 

New Support to help children of alcoholics (COA)

On 23rd April 2018 we found out that new plans announced by Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt will help identify at-risk children more quickly, and provide them with rapid access to support and advice.

The package of measures is backed by £6 million in joint funding from the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Work and Pensions.  Read more

Metro logoHow to help a family member with an addiction - 22nd March 2018

This article written by Fiona Thomas focuses on how best to help a family member that is suffering with an addiction. She reports "Addiction can be thought about as a person who is addicted to an activity, habit or substance and has a dependence which is both physical and psychological".  I shared my thoughts in the article, "They’ll be secretive, some can manipulate and turn a situation around so it’s your fault". Read more

Jeremy HuntNew Minister for Children of Alcoholics - 4th March 2018

Such fantastic news to hear that Jeremy Hunt has finally assigned someone to be the minister for Children of Alcoholics. After much campaigning by The Sunday Express, NACOA, Liam Byrne, Jon Ashworth and Caroline Flint. This is positive progress and steps forward to finally get some strategies in place for local councils to make sure children of alcoholics as looked after in the best way possible. The campaigning will continue.  Read More. 

BBC News logoBBC Breakfast Live Interview - 11th February 2018

During Children of Alcoholics week new research was released about the number of children's deaths and serious injuries being caused through a parents drinking. Over a third of children in the UK are affected physically by their parents drinking. Jo and Tod Sullivan were interviewed about their opinion on the research. Read More

Sky News logoSky News Live Interview - 8th November 2017

Jo was interviewed live on Sky News discussing the recent research from The Children's Society. They reported over 700,000 teenagers are living with an alcoholic parent. Jo said this number is low, there is an estimated 3 million children in the UK living with a parents drinking and that is likely to be an under-estimate. Click here to watch the interview. 

Google Play PictureRelease of 'Jo Huey Coach' App on Android - July 2017

After completing a digital course on SEO and social media through Digital Dorset in collaboration with Weymouth College, Jo was able to start another course. This course was about creating an app for your business, Jo was so pleased with the result and hopes you like it too. It's not yet available on Apple but as soon as it is they'll be an update. Click here to see more.

House of Commons - 22nd February 2017 - Caroline Flint raises the need for more help for children of alcoholics

It is great to see this debate in the house of commons and how the Prime Minister said she will consider it "carefully" is a great step forward.


 BBC Radio Scotland Interview - 15th February 2017

It was an honour to be invited to speak on BBC Radio Scotland about children of alcoholics. Timely so as it was Children of Alcoholics Week 12th-18th February. Organised by NACOA. To listen to the interview click the image or click here.

NACOAFirst Ever Manifesto for Children of Alcoholics - 14th February 2017

NACOA together with Liam Byrne and the children of alcoholics community put together the contents for this manifesto. It sets out 10 points to help Britain's 2.6 million innocent victims of drink - the children of alcoholics.  Read More