Depths of family alcoholism

This training workshop gives social workers, health visitors, school nurses and other professionals a unique insight into how children feel living with someone’s alcoholism. Jo and Paula share the best ways to help, relate to children, get them to trust you and open up about what they really feel and want.

The attendees leave feeling more knowledgeable, confident and inspired to better help the children and families they support.
2 ½-3-hour session covering the topics below:
  • Brief overview of Jo Huey’s story as the child of an alcoholic (20 mins)
  • Brief overview of Paula's story as the alcoholic (20-30 mins)
  • Perception and judgement of alcohol abuse
  • Roles in the home
  • Typical characteristics of the family
  • Long lasting effects on family members
  • How to best help families of addicts
  • Research – handout to take away
  • Q & A

Benefits of the training:

  • Changed perceptions and awareness of judgements
  • Increased understanding and awareness of alcohol dependence
  • More in-depth knowledge of typical characteristics of the alcoholic/family members
  • Deeper understanding of the family members experience
  • Identify best practice when working with families of alcoholism
  • Awareness of specialists for referrals

Investment: £350 including petrol expenses if within 3 miles of Bournemouth.
Mileage charge 0.45p per mile outside the area

This includes all the preparation, travel time, research documents, speaking time and first-hand experience. The sessions are interactive and we encourage group participation.
Click below to book, together with your suggested date, details and experience of the audience and anything specific you'd like covered.. Alternatively email