Jo Huey

Hi, I'm Jo. As the daughter of an alcoholic I understand what it's like to be affected by someone else's alcohol misuse. Now I share my experiences and expertise to help others.

One of the ways I help is by providing individuals with the tools to help themselves through my Facebook group, podcast and one to one sessions. Whether you live with a drinker now or years ago, I help you reclaim the life you've lost.

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Jo Huey_adult child of an alcoholic

"Growth is painful, Change is Painful. But nothing is as painful as stucking stuck somewhere you don't belong!"

daughter of an alcoholic

Did you know?

  • The effects of someone else's alcohol misuse can lead to symptoms such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression 
  • We can end up really hurting the rest of our relationships with unhelpful patterns like co-dependence and lack of boundaries
  • You can reclaim your identity, improve your relationships and find peace. Click here to learn more

My Story

My Dad was the alcoholic in my life, he passed away two months before my 21st birthday. It was a double edged sword, I felt relief and pain. He was the only Dad I had and I miss him to this day. He's missed so much of my life. Families of alcoholics often have hope, hope they'll change and realise the destruction they're causing, but often then don't. 

It's extremely hard for families because they're the ones dealing with the fall out and the consequences of the drinkers actions. Also interesting to remember is that even when the drinker has sobriety, that doesn't mean things are all better. Co-dependant behaviours and characteristics still play out into your adult life! Seeking one to one support in my expert opinion is the best way to get recovery.  

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