Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook Group

Have you been directly impacted by your parents alcohol misuse?

Are you looking to share your experiences and learn from others?

Do you want support, sounding boards and resources to help you find peace?

Join the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook Group

If Yes, then my Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook is for you!

Who's in the group? Ladies just like you that have been affected by their parent's drinking

Do you have to talk? No, however, to make the group as interactive and support as possible, it's important to participate. I don't tolerate any judgements, or abuse of any kind

Over 600 Members The group has grown from 60 members in May 2020 to over 600 as of March 2021

You aren't alone and you don't need to struggle or suffer in silence.

What do the group members have to say?

"Change the story and you change perceptions, change perceptions and you change the world" Jean Houston

Why join the group?

Jo created the group to help daughters just like her, she's lived with her Dad's alcohol misuse, as well as coping with her sister's alcohol dependence.

The group is there for you to hang out, but also to gain the things you've lost or never had. 

If you'd like to just watch for a bit that's ok, if you'd like to share that's also welcome, and if you'd like to grow and change aspects of yourself, then that's what I love and am here to help you do.

Many daughters of alcoholics don't recognise their present issues are connected to the past, often not connecting with words like co-dependency, anxiety and PTSD. In the group we talk through all sorts of topics, learn from each other and grow if that's what you want.

Change your thinking, impacts your feeling, which changes how you act.

Join the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook Group

What now?

  • Visit my "Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group - CLICK HERE
  • Have a read of the rules
  • Request to join
  • Wait to be accepted and then make yourself at home

What do the group members have to say?

Join the Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook Group