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If you're currently trying to cope with a parents drinking, you're in the right place!

As the daughter of an alcoholic, you're probably experiencing all sorts of stress, chaos, confusion and anxiety.

The impact of living with a parents drinking as a child and coping with it as an adult is huge. Often you don't realise how much it's affecting you. When you do, you have lots of questions. I'm here to help give you some answers and practical ways to keep you safe and sane.

Jo Huey child of an alcoholic

"Addiction is a family disease, one person may use, but everyone in the family suffers"

Does any of this describe you and your situation?

If you're currently coping with a parent's drinking, it can be tough (that might be an understatement). If you're experiencing and feeling similar to what I've listed below, you aren't alone.

  • Wondering why the drinker in your life chooses alcohol over you
  • Receiving calls/texts/visits at all hours
  • Struggling to put boundaries in place or at least be consistent with them
  • Feel like you're always picking up the pieces and tidying up after them
  • Finding it hard to cope with your anger, frustration, confusion, tension and stress
  • Not knowing what is the "right" thing to do and how best to help them
  • Feeling like the drinker is controlling your life
  • Fear of the drinker dying or seriously harming themselves
  • Struggle feeling safe around the drinker or in your life
  • Worried if you don't do EVERYTHING to help that something bad will happen, and you'll feel guilty
Please remember you may not experience all of these things, there may be lots of things you are that I haven't listed, these are just some of the common ones.

Supporting families of alcoholics brochure

This brochure gives answers to some common questions as well as facts and myths about alcohol

"Only in darkness can you see the starts" Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Next Steps

Below are some of the many resources I have to support you, click the image to see more

How to cope with someone's drinking

Protect yourself with boundaries

How to help the drinker

Chat to Jo

There is nothing quite like being heard by someone that just gets it. Someone that's been in your shoes, feel how you feel and experienced similar issues.

Instead of just reading all this on my website, how about we have a quick chat about how I can help you. Maybe you just need to vent, remember I have a daughters of alcoholics Facebook group, but I'm here when you're ready to connect.

Just give me a call or text on 07732 403305 or email jo@johuey.co.uk

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"No one is ever too broken, too scared or too far gone to create change. Never stop fighting, Never lose faith"