Dad’s drinking to cope

My dad was an alcoholic and a Vietnam Veteran. I’d placed my dad on a pedestal. He was my hero. Larger than life. A gentle man. He would help anyone,give the shirt off his back to someone in need. He could build anything he wanted, carpenter, mechanic, welder, he stayed busy… He drank from sun Read More

What life was like growing up with 2 alcohol abusing parents

A lot of the memories that come up for me from my childhood are from the age of 10 onwards, and I’ve been struggling to remember specifically before this so i can’t quite get an idea as to when the drinking started, or whether it was just always this way.  I’ve looked through old family Read More

The delayed impact of growing up with alcoholics

Hi, let’s jump right in – I’m Lily and I’m an ‘adult child’ or ‘ACOA’ (adult child of an alcoholic). Writing those words (& saying them in my head) feels as difficult as I imagine it would be to stand up at an AA meeting to say “I’m an alcoholic”, except I’m not the alcoholic, Read More

Self Regulation for Daughters of Alcoholics

What does it mean to have or not have self regulation for daughers of alcoholics? In this blog post I’m going explore self regulation as it was something that came up recently and I didn’t know a lot about it. So I thought I’d do some digging to see how it relates to daughters of Read More

What to do when caring for/living with a parent misusing alcohol

Many of you maybe wondering what to do when caring for/living with a parent misusing alcohol.  I can tell you there is no easy answer and I appreciate there are lots of different and complex situations.  I see this a lot in my Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group. Many daughters not knowing how to handle Read More