Self Regulation for Daughters of Alcoholics

What does it mean to have or not have self regulation for daughers of alcoholics? In this blog post I’m going explore self regulation as it was something that came up recently and I didn’t know a lot about it. So I thought I’d do some digging to see how it relates to daughters of Read More

What to do when caring for/living with a parent misusing alcohol

Many of you maybe wondering what to do when caring for/living with a parent misusing alcohol.  I can tell you there is no easy answer and I appreciate there are lots of different and complex situations.  I see this a lot in my Daughters of Alcoholics Facebook group. Many daughters not knowing how to handle Read More

The Drinker Can Be Humiliating

Families of alcoholics will often agree that the drinker can be humiliating. Their actions are not logical, and they aren’t thinking, they just act. This is really hard for partners and extended family to cope with, children feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.  What’s the definition of “Humiliation”? to make someone feel ashamed or lose respect for himself or herself To give some Read More

Chaos living with a drinker

If only you could live with in a home of alcoholism and things would be simple. The chaos living with a drinker can be too much for many families.  If you haven’t watched my short video on Chaos you can do that by clicking here.  The unpredictability, drama and incidents that happen become all too Read More

Blame is rife in homes of alcoholism

Blame is rife in homes of alcoholism.  When the drinker is in the full flow of their addiction, they will often blame their family or other reasons why they drink.  Very often the family will blame the drinker for all the chaos that they cause, and often it’s true, they do cause the chaos.  The Read More