Life as a child of an alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic – child of an alcoholics perspective The house is busy with students in the kitchen, Dad isn’t around and Mum is busy cooking dinner. My sister is in her room and I’m just wondering about, not feeling settled and that’s how I usually feel.  Life as  a child of an alcoholic Read More

Your Self-Esteem is Your Responsiblity

Dove are launching a series of six animated films, you can read more about their launch here.  The series is about raising self-esteem and body confidence. Whilst it’s focused at the younger generation, this is so relevant to people of all ages. Your self-esteem is your responsibility, act now! There seems to be a big Read More

Is Children’s Self Worth Based on Social Media Likes?

Karren Brady raises a good point in this article about children’s self-worth being based on social media “likes”. Going down the social media rabbit hole A lot of us care about what others think of us, but putting a numeric measure on the need to be accepted is dangerous for our children. The best thing we Read More

How Can Music Affect Our Confidence and Self-Esteem?

It may not come as a surprise that music is good for the soul. It’s great for self-expression and if we invest in music in terms of performance, whether that’s using our voice or another instrument it can affect our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Not to mention the excitement that the anticipation of a Read More

Who says you’re not good enough?

Being good enough, what does that mean exactly? Good enough for whom? I suppose the answer may come from our past, there may have been someone in our life that made us feel that we weren’t good enough. More and more I’m speaking with people that find it very difficult to feel good about themselves Read More