Relationships – Are Your Values The Same?

Dear Jo I’ve been in a relationship for a little while, about 8 months and I keep arguing with my partner about money and his incessant working. I want to spend time with him but he’s got other ideas. He is so focused on how much money he has, it seems more important than me. Read More

Past Relationships Affecting Present Ones

Are you fed up of your past relationships affecting your present ones? Is it a mystery as to why you keep picking people that bring up the same struggles in you? It’s quite common, it happens because unconsciously that’s what you’re used to and attract.  Accepting What’s Happened in Past Relationships The lady described a Read More

Winning Tactics For Relationship Basics

Relationships that you have are important in so many ways, yet a lot of us are still getting the basics wrong. Why is that? Do you hope it’ll all be OK but don’t do anything different to get the end result you want? There’s no judgement but if you want to feel connected, valued, happy Read More

Navigating Trust in Relationships

Insecurity vs Intuition I’ve been reading this article by Clayton Olson about trust in relationships. I agree when he says we have to trust ourselves. He talks about the difference between insecurity and intuition and how to tell which one is guiding us when it comes to trusting in a relationship.  I really like the Read More

Personal Boundaries

If you’ve been affected by an addict you may or may not know about personal boundaries and what they are. I certainly didn’t and it wasn’t until my 30’s that I understood them. Definition of Personal Boundaries This is a great definition of what a boundary is, taken from Wikipedia.  Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or Read More