Are intimate relationships difficult?

Are intimate relationships difficult for you? If you’re anything like me then you probably struggle to relax easily into a new relationship. You may still find it hard at times if you’ve been with someone a while.  It takes time to trust the other person, to know they aren’t going to hurt you and to Read More

Has having an alcoholic parent ruined your identity?

How has having an alcoholic parent ruined your identity? Do you even think it has? My Dad played a big part in my identity. Being the opinionated person he was, he cultivated my identity. This wasn’t always done in an obvious way mind you. Over the years growing up in an alcoholic home, I learnt Read More

Life as a child of an alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic – child of an alcoholics perspective The house is busy with students in the kitchen, Dad isn’t around and Mum is busy cooking dinner. My sister is in her room and I’m just wondering about, not feeling settled and that’s how I usually feel.  Life as  a child of an alcoholic Read More

Daughter of an alcoholic father

What’s it like to be the daughter of an alcoholic father and is it any different to being a partner or other family member? In my experience as the daughter of an alcoholic father, there is a big difference in being a child of an alcoholic than being a partner to one. The rest of Read More

Feeling Disconnected?

Feeling disconnected for me was one of the worst things of my childhood and going into adult life. It wasn’t until I went to Al-Anon that I found myself understood. I remember being at home thinking why doesn’t my Mum understand where I’m coming from. She doesn’t seem to be able to understand my point Read More