Questioning yourself

In this weeks A-Z of alcohol misuse is the letter Q, for Questioning. One of the things that I realised in my self-development journey, is how much I doubt myself. Do you spend too much time questionning yourself? Being the daughter of an alcoholic, I found that I increasingly lost my confidence as a child. Read More

Typical Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics

If you’ve lived with a parent that drinks too much as a child, there are typical characteristics of children of alcoholics that develop.  They vary depending on your personal situation of course, so what I mention in this blog post may not be exactly your experience. Also I feel it’s important to mention that whilst Read More

No power or control as the child of an alcoholic

Did you feel that you had no power or control as the child of an alcoholic parent? Is this still showing up in your life as an adult? What is control? Control is essentially the power to influence or direct a person’s behaviour or the course of events.  It isn’t always a bad thing, it Read More

Didn’t understand about why your parent drank?

As a child it’s not a surprise that you didn’t understand why your parent drank.  You don’t get that sort of information, often the drinker doesn’t always know either.  That doesn’t make life any easier does it? I know that you maybe someone that blames yourself for your parent(s) drinking. Maybe if you were perfect Read More

Punishing yourself for what the alcoholic said to you

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably spent time punishing yourself for what the alcoholic said to you. Maybe not in an obvious way, but you may still believe what they told you. The hurtful words they shared and criticisms they offloaded onto you.  That stuff hurts and it can stick with you, throughout Read More