What’s so hard about changing?

I know I know, you just want to have a quick fix, so what’s so hard about changing? Below are the 18 prime directives of the unconscious mind. This impacts on why it’s so hard to make changes. I’ll explain more below.  For now, just have a read and digest it, you may need to Read More

The mystery and reality of my home of alcoholism

Being the child of an alcoholic was not a label I knew of or related to until I was an adult. As a child I did not know what alcoholism was, or what was happening in my home until I was a teenager. I did not know that my home was different than others, and Read More

My journey through my Mom’s alcoholism

When I was younger, unfortunately I became aware of my mothers alcoholism at a very young age. Of course, as a kid, you get extremely worried for your parents when something’s not right. When her words would slur, and she couldn’t walk I would get scared for her. I remember crying because I didn’t want Read More

The Impact of living with my parents drinking

I’m a successful 32 year old woman with two beautiful children, my dream job at a university and a happy marriage. People that didn’t know me as an adolescent have absolutely no idea the kind of hell I grew up in. Both of my parents were extreme alcoholics during my later childhood and teen years. Read More

Does the term “Daughters of Alcoholics” bother you?

I was thinking about this recently because when I’ve spoken to other professionals about it, they get very tetchy about “labels” and using terms like “daughters of alcoholics”.  It doesn’t bother me in the least, because it says what it is. I am the daughter of an alcoholic father. I think any interpretations, assumptions or Read More