Loneliness of being misunderstood

I remember the isolation, disconnection and loneliness of being misunderstood by my family. Although my Mum tried her best, I think we were just on different pages. Dad wasn’t really around much and my sister and I used to fight like cats and dogs.  What causes the disconnection and isolation? Many things, different for each Read More

Knowing About Alcohol Misuse

It’s an assumption that knowing about alcohol misuse is a given for families.  Well I’d like to clear that up! For many years I had no idea that I didn’t know that much about it, I knew what carnage alcohol caused but that was it. I hated alcohol and how much it ruin my families Read More

Typical Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics

If you’ve lived with a parent that drinks too much as a child, there are typical characteristics of children of alcoholics that develop.  They vary depending on your personal situation of course, so what I mention in this blog post may not be exactly your experience. Also I feel it’s important to mention that whilst Read More

The judgements we believe

When people make judgements about us, it can feel like they are better than us. That they know best or something we don’t know. The judgements we belief can affect us on a massive scale.  I always remember my Dad saying “When are you going to change”, “Why aren’t you doing xyz” or “You need Read More

Feeling Isolated Emotionally and Physically

When we think of isolation, it can be feeling isolated emotionally and physically.  This week in my A-Z of alcohol misuse it’s the letter “I” and I’m talking about “Isolation”. Recently I watched a TV programme on male suicide after World Suicide Day. It was interesting to hear how many similarities there are with addiction.  Read More