Self Care Top Tips for daughters of alcoholics

Here are my self care top tips for daughters of alcoholics. You’ll notice that I haven’t listed things like sleep, food, look after your body here. Because I think we all know to do those things. I wanted to get you thinking about some of the most important #selfcare tips I believe will really help Read More

The uncertainty of living with a parent that drinks too much

The uncertainty of living with a parent that drinks too much is something that sticks in my mind. As a child you have no power, you can’t say or do a lot. That feeling of powerless really got me, sometimes I wanted to leave, and I actually did run away but it wasn’t for long. Read More

The Ones You Can Trust

Parents are the ones you can trust as a child surely? You would think so, but that’s not trust for all children. Sadly when someone is gripped with their addiction, trust is the last thing you can rely on.  I don’t believe most people struggling with their alcoholism purposely want to lie and manipulate their Read More

The illusive self-esteem

Something that many people struggle with is their self-esteem, for daughters of alcoholics the illusive self-esteem seems impossible to have. Most of the time the focus has been on the drinker, not yourself. Or at least you’ve focused on the drinker, their consequences and actions and not how you feel about yourself. Identifying your own Read More

Don’t let alcohol destroy your Christmas

Whilst the festive season is upon us and many enjoy a drink, there is good and bad to having a drink, depending on your perspective.  Don’t let alcohol destroy your Christmas! For many it enhances social occasions like Christmas, while for others it destroys it.  I love a definition so what is “excessive drinking”? Well, Read More