Questioning yourself

In this weeks A-Z of alcohol misuse is the letter Q, for Questioning. One of the things that I realised in my self-development journey, is how much I doubt myself. Do you spend too much time questionning yourself? Being the daughter of an alcoholic, I found that I increasingly lost my confidence as a child. Read More

Finding Peace When Affected By A Parents Drinking

In my A-Z of alcohol misuse, today’s letter is P for Peace. I think one of the main things daughters of alcoholics strive for, is finding peace when affected by a parents drinking. Usually many years have passed, and you realise that your life isn’t the one you want in some ways. I didn’t really Read More

That Overwhelming Feeling Of Dealing With a Drinker

That overwhelming feeling of dealing with a drinker can be too much for some. Families put up with it for far longer than is imaginable. We love the person they were, but the drink turns them into someone else.  What is overwhelm? have a strong emotional effect on. When we look at overwhelm, is it Read More

Alcohol misuse and narcissism

It’s true to say that alcohol misuse and narcissism don’t always come hand in hand. I’ve had a few people say to me, “all alcoholics are narcissists”, they aren’t! What is Narcissism? Excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance. Selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a Read More

Feeling Manipulated By A Drinker

This week in my A-Z of alcohol misuse is the letter “M” for Manipulation. It’s horrible to think but do you relate to Feeling manipulated by a drinker? Somehow they get what they want and you’re left wondering how that happened? Sometimes it’s not something you’re even aware of, it just seems to happen. The Read More