Is Children’s Self Worth Based on Social Media Likes?

Karren Brady raises a good point in this article about children’s self-worth being based on social media “likes”. Going down the social media rabbit hole A lot of us care about what others think of us, but putting a numeric measure on the need to be accepted is dangerous for our children. The best thing we Read More

Best Thing For Your Mental Health? Giving Yourself A Break

If you’re anything like me then you may give yourself a hard time. Do any of these make sense to you? More often than not you expect too much of yourself You get disappointed in your performance or what you should or shouldn’t do Maybe you think you should have reacted better, said or not Read More

Does True Happiness Really Come From Within?

I came across this article in the Irish Times written by Emma Kennedy and she raises some really excellent points about self development. A lot of us are striving for perfection and trying to be all things to all people and mostly just want to be valued and loved. In the article, Dr Aidan McKiernan Read More

How Can Music Affect Our Confidence and Self-Esteem?

It may not come as a surprise that music is good for the soul. It’s great for self-expression and if we invest in music in terms of performance, whether that’s using our voice or another instrument it can affect our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Not to mention the excitement that the anticipation of a Read More

Turn loneliness into learning

For those that have experienced loneliness you will know how upsetting it can be. I’ve had periods of loneliness throughout my life and thankfully now I experience this very rarely. You can turn loneliness into learning.  My home was often full of people, if it wasn’t the family it was foreign students or friends of Read More