What’s the real impact to children of alcoholics?

Recently I was invited to be interviewed on Sky News Live. It was a great opportunity for me to give my opinion on some recent research, carried out by The Children’s Society. Q & A with Jo Huey I’m going to be available for a Q & A about living with an alcoholic/addict, so please Read More

Typical Characteristics of Families of Alcoholics

As I write this, it’s Alcohol Awareness Week 2017.  I share the typical characteristics of families of alcoholics. Whilst this week isn’t just about alcoholics. It’s about raising awareness of the use of alcohol and it’s impact on family and the wider community.  For me the focus isn’t just on the drinker but the family. Read More

Personal Boundaries

If you’ve been affected by an addict you may or may not know about personal boundaries and what they are. I certainly didn’t and it wasn’t until my 30’s that I understood them. Definition of Personal Boundaries This is a great definition of what a boundary is, taken from Wikipedia.  Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or Read More

How to deal with anger towards the alcoholic/addict

This topic about how to deal with anger towards the alcoholic/addict may or not be relevant to you in the present,  but if you’ve lived with an addict then I’m sure you’ve probably felt some anger towards them at some stage of your life. First of all, I think it’s important to appreciate that the Read More

Thoughts & Feelings of a Codependent

This is my story and experience when I was deep in the midst of the drama of an alcoholic home. This post is about the thoughts & feelings of a codependent. I also talk about my experience growing up and how codependency was still rife into my adult life.  Thoughts & feelings of a codependent Read More