Your Self-Esteem is Your Responsiblity

Dove are launching a series of six animated films, you can read more about their launch here.  The series is about raising self-esteem and body confidence. Whilst it’s focused at the younger generation, this is so relevant to people of all ages. Your self-esteem is your responsibility, act now! There seems to be a big Read More

Past Relationships Affecting Present Ones

Are you fed up of your past relationships affecting your present ones? Is it a mystery as to why you keep picking people that bring up the same struggles in you? It’s quite common, it happens because unconsciously that’s what you’re used to and attract.  Accepting What’s Happened in Past Relationships The lady described a Read More

Starting Your Journey To Recovery

Frank Skinner recently spoke on Good Morning Britain about going Tee Total and what a gift that is to his children. Frank says “…you can have a parent who gives you a horrible life because they drink a lot.”. This is so true and I think it’s idealistic for a parent to not drink, he Read More

17 Reasons To Give Yourself A Break

If you’re anything like me then you may give yourself a hard time. Do any of these make sense to you? More often than not you expect too much of yourself You get disappointed in your performance or what you should or shouldn’t do Maybe you think you should have reacted better, said or not said Read More

Cutting The Stigma Around Alcoholism In Families

We need to cut through the stigma to support and encourage children to know it’s OK to speak up. They need to know it’s safe to do so and that they aren’t alone. Thankfully MP’s are finally taking action and raising awareness about children living with an alcoholic parent. Anushka Asthana from The Guardian writes about Read More