The Walking Dad

It is with great pleasure that I share this blog post “The Walking Dad” with you, it’s been provided to me by Natasha who  is a psychotherapist in training. She has used her experience of supporting a loved one’s addiction in a positive way, whilst raising a child. Natasha is passionate about: breaking the silence around Read More

Who says you’re not good enough?

Being good enough, what does that mean exactly? Good enough for whom? I suppose the answer may come from our past, there may have been someone in our life that made us feel that we weren’t good enough. More and more I’m speaking with people that find it very difficult to feel good about themselves Read More

Wake up and smell the reality

It doesn’t seem to matter how much information is out there about how bad alcohol is for you in large quantities, we are all walking around with our head in the sand. In my opinion people need to wake up and smell the reality of the situation. No one likes to be told they are Read More

Anger & Frustration Can Ruin Your Happiness

How Anger & Frustration Can Ruin Your Happiness Feeling angry and frustrated in my opinion never feels good. I want to set the scene and explain where my anger and frustration came from. Those that have lived with an alcoholic will probably relate to this. Not all children of alcoholics and partners of will experience Read More

How I never liked being alone

How I never liked being alone I hated spending time on my own and I never liked being alone when I was a child, it was the lesser of two evils for me. I discovered that my room (when I had one) was a good place to be, I couldn’t upset anyone or be upset. Read More