Jo HueyAudio Resources for Families of Alcoholics

Enjoy these audio's on all sorts of topics, Jo shares affirmation baths which are audio files  with positive statements to go into your subconscious and be uplifting. As well as interviews on radio, interviews with fellow families of alcoholics and alcoholics and even an audio play!

If there is something you'd like to hear, then just get in touch with Jo to let her know. Click here to send her a message. 

Interview with Human Story Theatre

I've done some work with Amy and Gaye of Human Story Theatre and they do amazing work to raise awareness around many vital areas, through the work of play. They created the play "Dry" which is about a guy's alcohol misuse and the impact on the family, I was reduced to tears many times, so it was my pleasure to be interviewed about my story when Amy asked. 

Interview with Wendy Campbell - Love, Listen, Talk, Repeat Podcast

I was honoured to be interviewed by Wendy Campbell who is a counsellor, and also has a podcast called "Love, Listen, Talk, Repeat". We talked all about me being the daughter of an alcoholic father and all that brings with it.  Tune in.

Depths of the bottle

This is a play about living with alcoholism and the impact on the family. Recorded and written by students from Bournemouth University, 

Interview with John McMahon of Bottled Up

An interview with John McMahon from Bottled Up, he shares his story of his struggle with alcoholism. 

Affirmation Bath Introduction

This is an introduction to affirmation baths, I explain what they are and how they will help you, listen to this first before doing any of the other affirmation baths.

Gratitude Affirmation Bath

A lovely affirmation bath to help you feel grateful for all you have and experience in life. 

Inspirational Affirmation Bath

Are you in need of a bit of inspiration at the moment? Grab yourself a bit of this.

Self Esteem Affirmation Bath

If you're feeling a little bit down in the dumps and not really feeling good in yourself, this little gem will help to make you feel better. 

Are you a rule abider or rule breaker?

Take these 10 questions to find out if you're a rule abider or rule breaker, or maybe a bit of both