A Warm Welcome

If you've ever lived with a parent that drank too much, you're in the right place!

The term "Adult Child of An Alcoholic" may be new to you, but that's the term to describe an adult that's lived with a parent/carer as a child that struggles with alcohol.

There are a lot of children and adult children that have been hugely impacted by a parents drinking, often not realising how much it's affected them. When you do, you have lots of questions. I'm here to help give you some answers and get the peace you deserve.

"Addiction is a family disease, one person may use, but everyone in the family suffers"

Do you see yourself?

When I first started my journey, I had no idea about all the different characteristics and roles we play when living with a parent that drinks too much. So it makes sense to outline that here:

  • Hyper-sensitive (to sounds, people, environments)
  • Controlling behaviour (feeling uncomfortable when not in control)
  • Difficulty experiencing and explaining feelings (often not even being aware of them, not knowing how to express them)
  • People pleasing (thinking of others, prioritising others needs and wants, not considering your own needs or knowing what they are)
  • Trouble speaking up or speaking up too much (you don't say what you think or want, alternatively you say things which upset others or come across as inappropriate)
  • Feelings of being overly responsible (taking on too much, being the first one to say yes)
  • Fear of abandonment (holding tight to people in your life for fear of being alone, feelings of insecurity, hypersensitive)
  • Struggle feeling safe (uncomfortable with new people/situations)
  • Inability to trust people (suspicious of people's motives or feeling others are unreliable)
Please remember this is all in a context, so you may be controlling in one area of your life but not in another.

"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change" Jim Rohn

The Peace Process

After 20 years of self-development, I've created a process of the stages people go through when they want change. This is on a time line so it may take days, weeks, months or years to move from one step to the next.

At each step you learn what is going on for you, and what support you need in order to move to the next step. Always knowing that peace is the end goal, whilst learning and growing throughout.

Click on the video to understand more about the process and what you'll experience and feel at each step.

Next Steps

There is nothing quite like being heard by someone that just gets it. Someone that's been in your shoes, feel how you feel and experienced similar issues. Click the images below to access my closed Facebook group, auto-biography and Podcast as a starting point for your support..

"No one is ever too broken, too scared or too far gone to create change. Never stop fighting, Never lose faith"