An auto-biography and self-help book that you won't want to put it down! Jo's story inspires you to find your own journey. To make the changes that suit you when you're ready. You'll see how Jo's life in a home of addiction transformed with over 20 years of self-development.

Is this book for you?

 • Have you ever lived with an addict?

• Do you find it hard to put yourself first?

• Ever feel alone and disconnected?

• Have you ever struggled to feel good about yourself?

• Are you fed up with facing the same repetitive issues?

• Are you looking for positive changes?

If you've answered Yes to some or all of these questions then you need this book.

Transition by Jo Huey



If you have experienced the challenges of living with someone’s addiction or a home of trauma and difficulty, then you’ll relate to Jo’s experience and feel the connection with her story. Jo shares several techniques you’ll be able to learn and use in your life if you really want the change you seek.