4 Secrets: How to speak up and get your life back

At times you're probably fed up doing things for the drinker or other people and feeling unappreciated and taken advantage of.

Imagine what it would be like to just feel valued.

You may struggle to speak up for fear of their response, repercussions or feeling guilty.

Just think how you'd feel being able to assertively say no, without feeling bad about it.

It's probably been a long time since you stopped worrying about others, and thought about you and your needs

Imagine no longer feeling that burden of responsibility for others

You've probably tried to say no, speak up and stand your ground, but you've struggled to be consistent

How long do you want to continue to put others first, compromising your own happiness?

How tired, fed up and frustrated are you going to let yourself get?

A 1 hour video course including practical exercises

What's in it for you?

Be who you are
  • Easily accessible and available 24/7
  • Only 1 hour
  • No time pressures
  • Practical meditation exercise
  • 4 Secrets to speaking up and getting your life back
  • Easy format with lots of examples
  • 5 Exercises identifying your boundaries, blocks and more
  • Access to the "Daughters of Alcoholics" Facebook group

Get the respect you deserve without compromising yourself

What's the solution?

Boundaries! You've not been putting them in place, probably because you haven't thought about what's important to you and that you CAN say what you do and don't find acceptable.
Understanding your values and beliefs is a key part to putting boundaries in place, which help you to stop others from walking over you and helps you to speak up. 
Once you identify where and with whom you struggle to say no to, you can look at any objections you have to saying no and understand why you haven't spoken up sooner. The problem comes when you believe that other people's needs are more important that you're own. Often the case for families of alcoholics.
Boundaries - What are boundaries? Jo huey

Start to feel valued, appreciated and respected with boundaries

Benefits of the course

    • Be clear on your values and beliefs so you can create your boundaries to stop people taking advantage of you
    • Understand what's stopping you speaking up, so you can deal with objections and feel comfortable saying no
    • Have practical ways to stand your ground, so you earn the respect you deserve
    • Feel reassured that you can assertively speak up, without feeling guilty
    • Be part of a community that supports you
    • Access to support from Jo in the Facebook group



Transition by Jo Huey_Book Cover_Child of an alcoholic

This auto-biography helps families of alcoholics to feel connected and no longer alone. As well as giving insights and self-help tips to start to regain your identity.

There's nothing like sharing with someone that just gets it. Find the support you're longing for, we're here to help you feel connected, you're not alone.